Design of

products and constructions

Design of products and constructions

Prefabricated buildings today are widely used in many domestic areas of human activity. Their design is an extremely important stage. The way the products show themselves during operation, directly depends on high-quality design. Provide a solution to this problem to our specialists. Proper planning reduces construction costs and reduces installation risks.

Design of buildings and structures

Buildings and structures are very responsible constructions. These are not only design decisions, but also competent engineering development, which can be entrusted only to a professional.

This category includes: awnings, hangars, frames, industrial buildings and structures, beams, columns, farms and others.


In the design of metal products an important role is played by the detailing of the structure, as well as its aesthetic component. Equally important is the selection of material and its characteristics.

This category includes: trucks, shelving, posts, railings, doors, cabinets, tables, benches, gates, fences, barrels, equipment for service stations and factories.


We develop nodes according to customer preferences. We offer our ideas and solutions.

Production of


We will not do for you as we would not do for ourselves!

The production of metal products is what we can do. This is our calling. Trusting us your ideas, you get their professional implementation.

Production is carried out both according to the drawings of customers, and on the basis of drawings and calculations, developed by our engineers on the instructions of the customer. You only need an idea and a desire.



Any work must be completed! Design and production are the most important steps in the implementation of your idea. However, without a quality installation, it loses all meaning. Wolfkons company carries out the installation of metal structures of any degree of difficulty by using special equipment and tools, under the guidance of highly qualified specialists.


metal processing

  • Аргонная сварка (аллюминия, нержавейки). Обвязка трубопровода Inox
  • Резка на гильотине
  • Гибка листового металла
  • Плазменная резка на ЧПУ
  • Токарная обработка
  • Фрезеровка
  • Сверление
  • Вальцовка листового металла
  • Прокатка труб круглого сечения в радиус и многое другое
  • Печать изделия на 3d принтере